Cinnamon was actually once more valuable than gold, back when spices held great importance not just for their flavours but also their healing properties. Cinnamon has a long history of being used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to treat colds, indigestions and cramps and to improve energy.

Cinnamon is in both our complex green and complex berry formulas and it was included for some pretty incredible reasons (so here’s 10 of them):

  1. Regulates blood sugar: This is important if you’re trying to loose weight! In addition, it is part of the reason why our complex formulas are great for people with diabetes – studies have shown that Cinnamon may help treat type 2 diabetes by increasing the production of insulin in the body and decreasing blood sugar levels. Even if you don’t suffer from diabetes, regulating your blood sugar level is important for keeping stable energy and moods throughout the day as well as for maintaining or loosing weight.
  2. Reduces cholesterol: (That is the bad cholesterol – LDL). Cinnamon improves how the body processes sugars and fats, which has a direct effect on cholesterol levels. Studies show that cinnamon reduces triglyceride and LDL cholesterol, as well as increasing the good cholesterol levels. By reducing your LDL cholesterol levels you are also reducing your risk of heart disease.
  3. Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal: Cinnamon has anti-infectious properties, which studies have shown can be effective against ulcer causing bacteria as well as stomach bugs and flu. It can also be effective with athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus (try washing your feet in a warm bath with a few drops of cinnamon oil as well as ingesting it orally).
  4. Helps improve candida yeast infections: It is said that candida is unable to survive in a cinnamon environment, which means it’s an effective treatment for yeast infections. Cinnamon also improves your immune system which helps fight internal infections like candida.
  5. Reduces pain linked to arthritis: Studies have shown cinnamon to be effective in reducing cytokines that are linked to pain in arthritis (try combining ½ a teaspoon with honey and eat daily to relieve arthritic pain).
  6. Reduce cancer cells: Research shows that cinnamon may reduce the spread of cancer cells – this is likely because cancer is sustained by sugar. Cinnamon diminishes the effect of the sugar on the cancer by controlling the blood sugar levels in your body. Cinnamon effectively ‘starves’ the cancer cells of the sugar that feeds them.
  7. Natural food preservative: Adding cinnamon to food prevents it from spoiling by inhibiting bacterial growth. It also fights E. coli in juice.
  8. Effective of menstrual pain, PMS and infertility: Because of the high levels of Manganese in cinnamon, it can help with the symptoms of PMS. A study by the University of Maryland showed that women who ate 5.6 mg of Manganese a day had less mood swings and cramps than those who didn’t.
  9. Helps you lose weight: Because cinnamon has the effect of thinning the blood it increases blood circulation, which boosts your metabolism and therefore helps with weight loss. In addition, by balancing your blood sugar it will prevent you from feeling tired and hungry, and prevent cravings for carbohydrates and sugar.
  10. Helps to improve mood (depression, irritability, cognition): Evidence suggests that some people are more susceptible to depression due to certain types of bacteria in their guts – because cinnamon has a potent anti bacterial effect it helps to remove these bad bacteria from the stomach, which will help to improve general cognition and mood.


Part of what makes Cinnamon amazing is in its ability to remove bad bacteria from our guts – this may not sound so newsworthy but actually your gut flora and gut health is the root of all disease (it can also exacerbate mental illness and learning disabilities), so actually its pretty important to make sure everything in there is good. However, when removing the bad bacteria cinnamon may also remove some good bacteria which is why it is suggested to also take probiotics with it – But lucky for you we have put extremely high levels of probiotics (because they are good for so many reasons) in our Complex formulas. In fact we have a level of 100 billion where as most on the market are only at 3 billion. So with everything all packed into Complex Green and Complex Berry it’s pretty easy to know you’re getting what you need.

–       Cloe