Easy steps for getting your vital daily calcium

So let’s quickly look at the easy steps to good daily calcium:

  1. Eat a healthy organic diet based fruit and vegetables – I believe in balance but your day must include these wherever possible. If you eat out just opt for the best choice, not just the one that everyone else it eating- go for what is right for you. Find ways to enjoy mixing up variety in what you eat and really enjoy your food. Get cooking at home with fresh produce. You will be amazed at how easy it becomes and how much cheaper it is than takeaway.
  2. Don’t go excessive on protein – This will interfere with your calcium absorption. Not too many people think about this, but it is another one of nature’s balancing acts. There is a madness out there that you have to pump yourself up and build it with protein. Again think about balance. Eating some protein with every meal is good, but it should not be the largest part of your meal. Your body also needs the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables to digest the protein. If you eat too much protein your digestion will also become sluggish and toxins build up in your digestive system. Digestion is linked with so many functions in your body, but the one you may notice straight away is your brain not working and emotional state also begins to malfunction. Get your digestion working at all cost. Work out how much protein and what source of protein is the cleanest and best for your body.
  3. Try not to eat sugar (in food or drinks) – This is a good thing to do anyway, am I right? Sugar pretty much messes with everything – including calcium – so cut it right down and maybe try using Xylitol to replace sugar in home cooking.
  4. Limit caffeine – (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda/ “energy” drinks).
  5. Don’t eat too much fat– this doesn’t mean that you have to go for eating low-fat versions of packaged food. Eat real food, just small amounts.
  6. Cut down your alcohol consumption – If you are going to drink alcohol, drink moderately.
  7. Don’t eat loads of white table salt – don’t forget that there is hidden salt in packaged food!
  8. Get into the gym! Exercise is really important for strong bones – along with a good diet, exercise is the best thing you can to do to maintain bone density (For younger people this might not seem to important just yet but remember you wont be able to work out if your bones are too weak to support you!). If you already have weak bones, low impact weight baring exercises are easy to do and just as effective – you will find that your bone density can actually improve with exercise, good diet and calcium supplements.
  9. Calcium supplement –Everyone should be taking calcium not just people with already weak bones. If you are someone who likes to exercise (especially if you take protein powderthen it is really important that you take a calcium supplement because many protein powders will rob your bones from calcium and additionally if you want longevity with your fitness then caring for the bones that support your muscles is important. The problem is that many calcium powders DO NOT WORK as they fail to include all the co-factors you need in order for your body to absorb calcium – this is why we developed the first ever formula with everything you need in it (all naturally sourced, organic, vegan, raw and free from ALL nasties)
  10. Don’t wait to get older and find out that you have weak bones when taking care of your bones is easy when you are younger. Most people think they are getting enough calcium from their diet. In a world obsessed by diets that are high protein and low carb, calcium rarely gets a mention. In the worry about weight loss or weight management, we are left with very little time to worry about looking good long term. The best way to get calcium is through the diet, although when the diet is not adequate, supplementation is needed.