Warm salad of ocean trout, brussel sprouts and raw beetroot recipe

This is a great recipe for lunch or dinner as Beetroot and Brussels sprouts are both high in nutrients & fish is great low calorie & easily digestible


1 small piece of fish – ocean trout or salmon.

coconut oil for the pan

brussel sprouts


olive oil

lemon or apple cider vinegar

pepper & salt (himalayan or celtic sea)

raw beetroot


Slice your brussel sprouts in thin strips and toss quickly in a hot pan with a little coconut oil.  Plate up a neat pile on your plate. Slice the avocado and add on top.  Grate the beetroot and hold for the end.

Grab your pan for the fish and start on high heat with the coconut oil.  Add your fish, and sear to add colour on both sides. Cook until you are getting close to half cooked through.  Turn down the heat and  break loosely into large chunks, and cook a little more, being careful not to cook through as a little rare inside is best.

Take the fish out of the pan and arrange carefully on the greens, and add the beetroot on top- carefully, as the colour can make a mess.  Squeeze over some lemon, a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper and your are set!  Enjoy!