Complex Green Superfood Powder Awarded the Australian Business Award for Product Excellence 2014

We are pleased to announce that Complex Green has been awarded with the honour of  Australian Business Award (ABA100) for Product Excellence in 2014.

Since launching Passion Projects has been successful at finding a niche in a crowded market of supplements for customers demanding quality.  Complex Green addresses the fact that most consumers don’t have the economic or practical means to buy multiple different products in order to get a broad spectrum of nutrients. Complex Green therefore excels due to the fact that it is a one-stop solution to this issue – it contains over 80 of the world’s best superfoods and essential nutrients in a single calorie and economically efficient dose.

Complex Green is an easy, economical way of getting a broad range of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients every day, without having to spend time, money and effort collecting them from a variety of different sources.

The bonus has been the quality of the sourcing as co-founder Lynette de la Vega points out, “Passion Projects has sought not only to blend important ingredients for health, but has chosen to push through boundaries to create a quality product without compromise, making it a market first.  Initially we developed a powder blend that would be taken by our Dyslexic son who was in need of a nutritional formula as learning support, that not only tasted good, it had to be of the best quality possible, right down to each ingredient.  The search for premium ingredients was important to his developmental outcomes, as his body was particularly sensitive to sugars, artificial preservatives, additives and environmental pollutants such as fertilizers and insecticides.  We needed to offer him an easy blend that covered the nutritional profile of as many serves of fruits and vegetables as possible, as with children that suffered from learning difficulties, his brain needed more nutrition than could be taken from a normal diet.  We looked into what was available on the market as a supplement and studied the manufacturing and ingredient sourcing of these companies and realized that quality of ingredients was not available.”

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