Protein pancakes have becomes a popular high protein breakfast as of late but finding a recipe that is not only high protein but also good for weight maintenance is the real skill.  Personally I believe that the best protein pancake recipe is one that doesn’t even contain any heavy, bloating carbs from grain (how can this be? You ask) – What I’m talking about is this amazing banana pancake recipe, which uses only egg, banana and a serve of Passion projects pea protein powder (yes, that’s it). This is perfect for anyone who is trying to bulk up or even just trying to sustain energy over a tiring workday. The egg and the pea protein powder give you a healthy high dose of protein and in addition, the low glycemic Index (G.1) and high potassium of the banana helps control blood sugar to give you an extended energy kick and keep you fuller for longer (which helps with cravings and weight control).


  •  1 banana
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tbsp. of chocolate or vanilla passion projects pea protein powder


  1.  Crack the eggs into a bowl with the banana cut into small pieces
  2.  Mush them together
  3. Add protein powder to the liquid and mix
  4. Pour circular dollops of the mixture onto a frying pan
  5. Cook either side until brown
  6. Eat!