What is the best way to spend your time?

Firstly to spend time on things, they have mean something to you, not someone else, as those ‘someone elses’ out there, somewhere else, will find you when you are being yourself, (not the other way around).  As you spend your time doing something that you love, you will effectively make time — or, you spend time effectively, therefore you make time.  Forget about doing crap things quickly — that wastes time right there.

Sound good, ok let’s see how we can make more time.

Are we doing things well or quickly?

Now that we have got over the need to do things quickly let’s get in touch with ourselves and do them well.

Being in touch with ourselves, meaning, responding to what turns us on, gives us the space to take whatever time we need to fully express an idea without the need to do it quickly.  Things take what time it needs.

And who says what is quick or slow?  

According to what measure, and to whose perception?

It is your perception, or your judgment of yourself that matters, so we should let ourselves express in no time, for no purpose including for no financial outcome, other than expressing what truly reflects you and your truth, so that it may pay well for you in the long run. This is where magic happens, when you are creating without constraints imposed arbitrarily outside of yourself.   As much as we can, we need to dispose of our short-term thinking about immediate return on time investment, that equals money.

How do we know things are done well, if we don’t measure them according to others?

We know when we have done things well, again, according to ourselves, as your project, whatever it is, sings to you. Let it sing!  Things done well resonate with a tangible vibration and can even be heard as a sound to you.  This is the place I go to when I design something that I love.  I wait for it to sing to me.  I totally expect it to sing to me!

What are we aiming for when we do things anyway?

We have so many choices in life – we can attach ourselves to people, places and things that feel good or feel wrong.  The feeling is what is important, if we are being honest to ourselves.  We know, or we feel this, particularly if we take the time to notice.  This is why we have emotions so we can feel.  This is again of no time as it is something that you feel as you go along. You don’t even have to wait for it or expend any energy.  Just stay connected to yourself and the feeling will tell you.

Time and Boundaries can expand beyond what you know.

What are you aiming for?

Feelings that are good, and the work that you are feeling into existence can expand your boundaries way beyond what you would ordinarily aim for or choose yourself.

But what are you aiming for when you are worried about time?

I ask myself this and if I’m doing something I don’t like, yet I have to do it, I connect to the thought of it being a means to an end, (or I’m serving someone else), but the end being the thing that makes me feel good, so that the doing of something I don’t like becomes a good vibration.

That is what I’m doing ‘it’ for, and I can feel happy about that. (The ‘it’ being the thing I would normally think is a complete waste of my time).

I have a choice as to what I focus on in that means-to-an-end scenario.  I can do something I don’t like and end up liking it for an obscure reason –– all the while choosing to be happy about it, expanding myself beyond what I want to do, perhaps into discomfort, with the result being — moving into expanded time, and creativity.  Not thinking about complaining about wasting time, doing crap jobs frees you up to think time-efficiently about the things you prefer. Phew!

It changes my whole outlook on what I am doing when I practice this, and it changes my outlook on why I am doing it.  But the why is only clear if my overall life choices and decisions and reasons for moving forward are clear to me in the first place.

My day starts out with a reason (specific to the day), and that reason is collected and attached, like a string of pearls, to a very broad reason for my existence, as expressed perhaps through goals.  This outlook gives me momentum and gets me going back for more, even if times are tough and I can’t see the end of the road ahead.  If I can’t physically see it, my clear outlook allows me to imaginatively visualize it at all times.

I know it is there around a bend, and I can enjoy the journey, fascinated by what shows up that resonates with my life purpose, even if I didn’t straight up choose it.  I focus on the goals, at least what serves my goals, little by little along the way in small do-able steps.  I set the signposts myself and congratulate myself for the little things.  I look back and add gratitude for even the silly little things.

When I look back, the path is actually crowded with so many little things that I can now see them bunched together and they become big.  I also get to look back and see how much I have changed.  This also gets me up every day even if my main goal has not arrived in its entirety.

The irony is, if you look closely you will see that what you wanted has turned up – it is just that the ‘changed you’ also changed the goal posts along the way, also in small increments; so small that you didn’t notice a change in course in your life as it responded not only to your new desires, but also to the vibration of your response to the things that turn up — that is, your response and your labeling of things being good or being bad.

Things will be good if you relax and know that everything is good– everything is for your highest good.   Sometimes when you are too close to them they appear to be bad.  You are too close —— time to step back.

If you want the right vibration to stay with you, try to relax and know that everything is good, and be grateful for them ALL.

How do I stay focused?

I set things in do-able chunks — short-term things; mid term aims; and log term goals.   I stay flexible as long as I am facing my chosen direction.  Whatever comes that resonate with this, I go and do.  If it doesn’t I stop.  I don’t feel lacking and I don’t feel disappointed for not doing certain things that I have done in the past, unless I want to do them now.  If I want to do them, and I value them in my life I do them- no excuses.  I value them, meaning I want them to show up, now or later.

 Let the past go out of your focus too

If you did things in the past and have grown away from them, remember that this was responding to your focus in small increments.  Sometimes we have to let things go and leave them in the past and try new things.  Leave those things with their romantic memory where they belong, and know that everything you have done has got you here or taught you things to take you where you are today – hopefully at a higher level than yesterday.

Make your choices clear and know that your focus at every moment is getting you along your chosen path, and creating a new you every day.   Make whatever correction you
need along the way, simply by changing your focus. 

Quality is where the value is.

There is no point to anything unless there is quality.  It is not about quantity, but quality.  Quality, or, doing things well, will benefit others and yourself, because they will resonate with you.   I don’t get off the quality page — ever!

 Quality lasts, it goes the distance, it is long-term thinking. It feels good, no, great!

The good thing is that unless you do things of quality, this means that you are offering something of real value to others, then, people, including your customers, will see right through what you are up to — eventually.   It is fine to want to make money, but you can do this and give quality, time and effort — resonating with your soul and still make money.  Quality, because it resonates with you, becomes integrity.  Same thing.  Same soul response too.

 So, my time-making summary is:

  1.  Too much of anything is just noise- it’s not about quantity — what you do  ‘sounds’ better when it reflects quality.
  2. Choose things that define you — they will make you sing, inside and out.
  3. You, being you, will attract a tribe of people who are like you.
  4.  Doing things that resonate with you says, you know who you are.
  5.  Focus on taking the time when things matter.  Time will expand to meet what you need.
  6. Don’t worry about what others are doing. This is where time is wasted.

Q: What do you do that wastes your time?

I would love to hear your thoughts.