Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We have a lot of pregnant women taking all of our products. All of our products are safe for pregnancy, but it is important to know what that means.

Each serve of Complex green and Complex berry has a multivitamin formula (1/3 of a daily dose) that has been carefully designed by Australia’a top Biochemist/ Clinical Nutritionist, Henry Osiecki. In the multi-vitamin, there is Vitamin A which is what you have to be careful of for pregnancy. This is easy to look after with our formula. The regulations on Vitamin A is that during pregnancy you should not exceed 3000ugRE as an excess has been suspected as being linked with birth defects. The recommended daily amount from all sources for women is 700ugRE. One serve of our Complex green or Complex berry is 150ugRE. To place this in perspective, it would take 20 doses to reach the excess of 3000ugRE. In addition we have selenium which is seen to be toxic at high doses and a daily dose of 150ug for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Our product is 20ug per dose- you would have to take 8 doses per day to exceed this. Note:- These dosage restrictions come from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association).

Our products are food grade as they are a superfood blend, however we blend our formulas in a strict TGA facility in order to stay within strict bacteria assessment and quality assurance in order to maximise the benefit to the customer. Other products are packaged as food and they do not adhere to these same self- applied restrictions. It is something that we do because we believe it is the best way to maintain the best quality product. This is important to know for pregnancy.

The most important thing to think about pre-and during pregnancy is getting the best nutrition. We could not bring you better formulas and the best thing is that you don’t have to eat loads of bulky food to get the same nutrition.

This question is difficult for us to answer as we are not pharmacologists. What we can say is that we have many customers taking our products who take medications like birth control or have health conditions and have been taking medications for a long time and we have only had very positive responses – none have mentioned problems with medications interactions.

If you have any concerns about any specific ingredients listed on our products it is best to check with your doctor.

All of our formulas are designed to work together. They each have their own unique focus for different times of the day. The superfood range provides a broad spectrum of nutrients vital to overall health and wellbeing and is taken at any time in the day. We love superfoods as a breakfast smoothie after exercise, or as an afternoon pick-me-up. If you are hungry you can take it pre- gym without feeling too full to exercise. The protein range is focused on muscle building and repair. The protein formulas are an amazing recovery drink after the gym. Try adding our superfood powder to the protein serve. The multi-mineral green calcium powder is focused on essential bone strength. Add it to your smoothie with one of the superfood powders, or take it separately throughout the day. It is particularly powerful to take prior to exercise.


Good quality protein should be part of every meal, however the body requires additional protein during periods of intense exercise, illness or injury and repair. The best time to feed the muscles is within 20-30 minutes after exercise. This is why protein powder is so convenient as it can be taken by simply adding it to water. It is popular as a calorie efficient and easy way to add protein to the diet without having to eat too many meals to achieve the same result. It is important to take the required dose or take more than one dose spread out through the day, keeping in mind how much other protein is consumed as meals.

Our Amino Acid profile is comparable with what we understand to be one of the best selling whey protein powders in the world. We are proud to have achieved this by using ONLY naturally occurring and delicious ingredients! You will see that our amino acid profile is comparable and even higher in some cases.


Our Protein 32 g Other Leading Whey Protein 32 g
Aspartic acid
Glutamic acid
*essential amino acids **branched-chain amino acids

Our pea protein is sweetened with organic green Stevia and flavoured with certified organic vanilla bean and chocolate. Although Whey protein is sometimes preferred as a better choice for flavour most protein powders have very unhealthy sugars and other unnecessary and hidden ingredients in order to achieve this. This is of course is counter-productive when you should be enhancing your body’s wellbeing not damaging it. It was our aim to produce a pea protein with a delicious flavour and smooth texture – allowing you to take it just in water.

Whey protein powder began as a bi-product from waste in the cheese-making industry. In almost all cases, it is not organic and it can be difficult to digest. It is also not advised to take whey protein non-stop over an extended period, as digestive issues tend to increase with use. Pea protein is easily digestible and is a great source of protein for everyone. It is particularly suitable for people who are vegan, lactose intolerant, or have digestive issues.

There are 9 essential amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. They are essential only as they cannot be synthesized by our bodies and therefore must be taken in the diet. This classification includes the Branched-Chain Amino Acids – Isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine as well as Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Lysine and Histidine. The other non-essential amino acids play a vital role in increasing a nutritionally balanced profile to the diet.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids are a class of amino acid within the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies require from our diets. The BCAA’s that are essential for muscle growth and repair are Together they are responsible for energy production, building of lean muscles, muscle repair, wound healing, regulating blood sugar, and burning fat.

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Superfoods are the concentrated form of the very best nutrients that nature can provide. To achieve the status of ‘superfood’, the fruit or vegetable has to be one of the highest achievers in the plant world. Superfoods make an impact on your energy for the day but most importantly they are seen as nature’s medicine. The best superfoods are grown all over the world and prepared into a concentrated powder form. As a powder, superfood can be taken as a whole food dietary supplement allowing you to easily take advantage of the wonderful benefits in a calorie efficient dose. With blends like our complex green or complex berry, you can take advantage of so many nutrients that work together feeding every cell in your body to boost your daily energy and vitality and your long-term health, beauty and wellbeing.

Complex Green and Triple Green – Detoxifying and alkalizing focus to boost your energy & internal function

Complex Berry – Potent antioxidants to boost your beauty & rejuvenation.


We use organic superfoods made from premium raw, freeze-dried, whole plant powder. There are ingredients that have the same name, but in actual fact, vary greatly in real nutritional quality – We personally didn’t want to take inferior degraded ingredients that sound good but are actually derived from juice powder, which is a process that discards all fibre, nutrients and enzymes (and is normally just used for colour or flavouring) just because its easier. Soinstead, we use a freeze-dried process. The whole fruit or vegetable is snap-frozen at picking and then powdered (this retains the fibre, nutrients and enzymes)We are proud to say that our ingredients are the best that they can be – from the outset we aimed to only produce premium healthy alternatives to the many damaging drinks on the market. This is the highest quality process available and optimizes nutrient retention of nearly 100% of the fresh fruit value. (Coupled with being Certified Organic or Organic) this is what makes the formula truly valuable and nutrient-dense.

Our blends were carefully formulated in collaboration with Henry Osiecki, the hero of the industry in Australia. Henry is renowned for his textbooks of research into the bioavailability and value of ingredients to the body. Henry addresses both:

  • Optimum absorption
  • And the balancing of nutrients to function together for the benefit of your body and its performance.

With his collaboration, we created a nutrient dense solution that is practical for a busy lifestyle (because its pre-blended you don’t need to worry about a huge cocktail of individual ingredients) and actually tastes great, purely through the natural flavours of the active ingredients.

We focus on delivering the cleanest and best quality formula to the customer. To get optimal retention and absorption of nutrients they have to be delivered to you in a powder form, not in liquid form. This is because:

  • The nature of any liquid is that they require some form of preservation process in order to halt the spread of bacteria – where as powder does not.
  • If the label says that there are no preservatives, then the drink has more than likely been pasteurized (that is, heated to reduce bacteria and micro-organisms, and in the process, taking out all [or most] of the good nutrients and flavour as well)

Our superfood powder is raw (not heated) and full of nutrients. As a powder drink mix it can be freshly prepared by you – this way you have powerful ingredients that are not ruined by over-processing, preservatives or stabilizers.

You can take the complex formulas as a meal in a glass: Blended in water, a fruit smoothie or in a vegetable juice our powders are a calorie efficient meal in a glass. Whilst it is equally important to eat a balanced diet rich in fresh organic fruit and vegetables,{allyouneedislove} provides a complete panel of broad spectrum nutrients, including: – Phytonutrients – protein – essential amino acids – essential fatty acids – enzymes – antioxidants – fibre – vitamins – minerals.

Apart from the natural flavour of the fruits and vegetables used in our formulas we have also used Xylitol to sweeten. Xylitol is amazing as it tastes similar to sugar but without the damaging effects. It has been used to sweeten the complex green, complex berry and triple green formulas with a Henry Osiecki seal of approval as a safe sweetener. The right taste is important as this helps customers both young and old to easily consume nutrition that they would otherwise not take at all. Benefits of Xylitol: – low calorie – cavity safe for your teeth – low GI so it is Diabetic safe – doesn’t give you a sugar rush See more about Xylitol. Quality: We have chosen Birch Trees from Finland (not Corn from China) and therefore non-GMO. We have chosen the highest quality that is grown sustainably as well. This is the most expensive Xylitol available. We went to a lot of trouble to ensure that all of ingredients are the very best. It was important to find the right sweetener that was healthy and that is where our birch xylitol steps in. But it is not just the type of xylitol but also where it comes from. The xylitol controversy has come about due to lack of knowledge over the different sources of xylitol. There are indeed huge differences and you need to know what they are. Something that some people are not aware of is that xylitol is made naturally by our bodies every day. It is also found in fruits like strawberries, in the stem of corn and in birch trees. Most of the world’s supply comes from non-organic corn that is genetically modified (GM) and produced in China because it is cheaper. (All corn is genetically modified). This is the xylitol that has the bad reputation.

Our xylitol has been carefully and expensively sourced from Finland from a sustainable forest of Birch trees. It is the highest grade possible. It is the only sweetener used in the colder northern hemisphere countries- they use it instead of sugar in sweets and chewing gum, as it is protects your teeth from cavities and does not cause a weight problem. It is also safe for diabetics as it doesn’t cause an insulin spike as it has a low GI.