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Complex Green Superfood Powder

In making Complex Green, we aimed to make one formula that did it all, that is, deliver a full spectrum of greens (micro-nutrients and chlorophyll) with berries (antioxidants) as well as protein, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fibre, fatty and amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Lots of ways to take it

Easy & delicious multi-vitamin

Alkalising & detoxifying

Easy to digest & absorb

Quality ingredients in one place means it's incredibly economical

Certified Organic Pea Protein+

We identified that there was a strong market for protein powder as a way to supplement the diet, but we also identified that protein that was on the market was harmful. Taking protein is an important part of a good fitness regime but it needs to be without the usual junk fillers and additive, and with calcium and its mineral co-facotrs which need to be taken at the same time. We worked to create the first fully raw certified organic and sustainable formula with plant-derived calcium from red algae, with Vitamins D + K to ensure that the protein would work to support and improve the body. It is easy to digest (unlike whey which cannot be taken non-stop) and is providing a valuable source of minerals for the bones, tendons and ligaments, when you are thinking of the muscles. As the damage to the bones in your body happens slowly over time, we have taken out all of the guess work by bring together everything you need into one formula so you get what you need in one place for now and for future proofing for later.

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Awards Criteria

The Australian Business Awards is an annual highly respected awards program. It is designed to honour business owners who drive their businesses focussed on adding value and purpose to their customer's lives through their products, taking their business beyond marketing for the sole purpose of making money. The category that we entered was product excellence. for this we had to demonstrate our thorough processes from product inception, personal purpose, design and development, sustainability and long term performance. The awards encourage businesses to connect with a greater purpose, see their field differently and do business better by daring to innovate and push boundaries. We entered this highly competitive field as this is how we see what we do. We are proud to be able to take the honour now three times.

Products that matter

The winners of the ABA100 are seen to be committed to innovation and improvement in their sector, in a world that is seeing consumers more informed and the marketplace more competitive. The winning criteria was set on businesses that work to place value on products that matter, with solutions that are sustainable and functional. In addition, the products are contributing to the sound economic future of Australia with strategies based on longterm value based vision.  


Passion Projects has been successful at finding a welcomed niche in a crowded market of supplements for customers demanding quality.


Complex Green is an easy, economical way of getting a broad range of vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients every day, without having to spend time, money and effort collecting them from a variety of different sources. The Pea Protein+ formula is the same, as it has a formula within the Protein instead of having to hunt down other ingredients to co-factor for assimilation and correct absorption. The products address the fact that most consumers don’t have the economic or practical means to buy multiple different products in order to get a broad spectrum of nutrients. Complex Green and Pea Protein+ excels due to the fact that it is a one-stop solution in a calorie & economically efficient, single dose.

State of the art ingredients

We sourced the best possible ingredients: from responsible and sustainable, raw, organic production wherever possible.

Unmatched production

We collaborated with Australia's pre-eminent Bio-chemist, Henry Osiecki to maximise the synergy of the nutrients.

All the products are meticulously packaged in a quality TGA (Therapeutics Goods Association) facility in Sydney by an Australian Company.  As superfood and protein is food-grade, almost all other products are made in lower quality facilities, that do not adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, handling and testing for bacteria count.

Food allergies & diet restrictions

We made sure that our products are all suitable for food allergies, and people with restricted diets (raw, vegan, coeliac, paleo, kosher, and diabetics) and included children and pregnancy.

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