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  • Quantity Integrity

    Complex green and triple green: Assist in detoxifying and alkalizing the body to prevent unneeded bloating (and other digestive trouble) and flushes out toxins in order to keep you feeling energized and ready for you work out.

    Protein and calcium: Without muscle and bone strength your fitness and wellbeing will suffer which is why the protein and calcium are essential for anyone who does high levels of exercise. Although the protein formula includes an added calcium and multi-mineral formula this package also includes the calcium powder separately as it is essential for athletes and people at a high level of fitness to take additional calcium to support their bones. We suggest you take the calcium before your work out to prepare your bones for the inevitable bone loss that occurs with any exercise and then the protein after your exercise to repair and rebuild.

    • Vanilla Protein 900 g
    • Complex green 250 g
    • Triple green 250 g
    • Calcium 250 g
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