Everyday energy boost

You will notice an energy boost naturally when you feed yourself the good stuff, meaning whole food that offers body building good nutrition. The great thing about Superfood and Protein is that they are giving you a full spectrum of nutrients that fuel your body like nothing else can. They are nutrient-dense, low calorie and low GI, so it is a slow release, not a sugary-type of spike and crash, but a sustained energy boost that backs you up for what is more than likely going to be a hectic day ahead. We need energy for this, for life at its best, and to get ourselves to that challenging place at the gym too, to sculpt our bodies just the way we like them. For all of this busy-ness we need energy from what we choose to put into our tank.
Good food, particularly organic food grown without herbicides and pesticides, will offer us good nutrients, but we are not always able to access this all of the time. Even if we buy organic for home, we still eat out. Also we are not really aware of the ground conditions that food is being grown in for which the constituent phyto-nutritional profile is reliant upon. It is best to add plant-based Superfood and Protein to your diet to ensure that you are getting what you need as you go along, rather than wait to crash and burn. Our bodies cannot go on without good food that is balanced and whole.

Our powders are able to offer a way to balance the diet ensuring that it is getting nutrients that are easy to assimilate and absorb, not pass through or have to be delivered with loads of binders and pill flow agents and fillers and artificial junk. It is important to get into the habit of giving yourself a routine of good ingredients at the start of the day before you step out and switch on into stressed work-mode so that your body gets a kick start early. This is where a smoothie fits in perfectly. It’s a quick way to get out the door and off to work, (where perhaps you may eat one of our protein bars at your desk too rather than something sugary – :). The idea is to make the right choices with the right ingredients as often as possible so that you increase your energy reserves, rather than deplete them or take you from normal stress, to a chronic situation that is more towards adrenal burnout. It is harder to come back from this place, yet easy to work yourself there and not know you are on your way to a crash.

In addition, to help your body chill and reset so that more energy is in the tank, The Green Detox Project is worth considering. It will help your gut work better for which you will release more energy, and sleep better, which gives you more energy again. For some people who eat a lot of junk and drink a lot of caffeine, the detox can, at the beginning, make you feel tired because you are not getting your daily addictive go-to’s or eating as much. This is a normal reaction to change. However after the first couple of days this will turn as you clean out what makes you feel tired and sluggish, which is the loop of your usual foods that you rely on but you know are bad for you. A regular detox will clean this reliance out so that you are able to eat something that is carb-y or sugar-y now and then and not take you on a low energy roller coaster again, but in moderation may not affect you. It is surprising how much bad food affects energy levels, particularly over time, as the body struggles to cope with not only nutrient deficiency but also bad toxic chemicals, wheat, and sugar and sugar substitutes included, and what they mean to the body in terms of overload. Energy will be the first thing to go.

Take: Complex Green everyday as the base go-to formula. (or mix it up with Complex Berry for variety). Get more energetic with added Triple Green, and Pea Protein+. For best results take 2-4 green serves per day, and 1-2 serves of Pea Protein+.  The Green Detox Project is great here too.