The protein powder is great for kids for sport recovery, energy, inflammation, and protection of bones– however there is a slight caveat on it if kids are dosing it for themselves. Young teenage boys desperate to get ripped can tend to be a little reckless with taking protein powder sometimes large serves of whey powder up to 4-6 times a day, which is way too much. (It is hard to digest and is damaging their bones because of the need to take calcium to complete the absorption of the protein in the muscles.) This is why we stipulate the age as 15+, more than anything to ensure that a parent is supervising it. However, 1 to 3 serves a day of our Pea Protein+ (because it is a co-factored protein plus calcium etc combination) is fine for teenagers as long as it is scaled down from an adult serve. Younger than this take 1/2 serve made in a smoothie (breakfast/afternoon tea/after sport) with Complex Green or Complex Berry is perfectly good. Don’t forget to scale down serves to the size of your child. The chocolate protein is a favourite for kids. They love it straight in coconut milk in particular, or almond milk, instead of the usual sugary “energy” chocolate drink alternatives. It can also be taken in water if you are out at sport and only have water to shake it with. The chocolate and vanilla both taste great with Complex Green or Complex Berry and just a milk of your choice, nothing else. The flavour is good as they are for kids and if you want then to eat more, you can blend in a variety of things to make it a thicker smoothie, like banana, spinach, almond or macadamia butter, avocado, cacao nibs, berries papaya and so on to make it a very filling meal. (See recipes)  This is a great approach for breakfast as kids usually have to run in the morning and eating too much solid food is difficult on their digestion when stressed to get out the door, yet they need to have good nutrition to start the day, and start the brain.

Take: Complex Green or Complex Berry with Pea Protein+ as a breakfast smoothie with almond milk and frozen fruit. A second serve of superfood as a hot or cold drink in milk. Another serve after sport in water.