When kids are fussy they will usually at least drink a smoothie. Green drinks are common now so it is not hard to convince them to go for a green smoothie, but a berry smoothie is easier. It is best to give kids a smoothie flavour that they love and the trick is that they have no idea that they are taking something that is really good for them. It takes a little experimentation with frozen fruit and different milk alternatives which they can do with you. Serving with a straw makes it look more fun too. The Complex Berry is generally a no brainier as it looks like a pink drink. The Triple Green is a little too seriously dark green for kids.

If you are vegan and dairy free it may be a good idea to include the Green Calcium formula in their diet as well.  The absorbability of cows milk is questionable as studies show that it is difficult to digest as it is denatured in production (pasteurised and homogenised). As it is a protein it will actually do the opposite of what you take milk for, that is, you take it for its calcium value, yet it’s not available. For protein to be absorbed it will rob the calcium from your bones because the calcium in the milk, that has been denatured, is no longer available. It is possible to drink it raw (not mucked around with) if you can find it, however not everyone can digest dairy. Our calcium is a vegan source and is easy to incorporate in the usual smoothies or you can take it with almond or coconut milk and shake it in there (being calcium of course it is on the side of not dissolving that well into the milk but it does do well in a blender.)

Take 1 – 2 serves per day of Complex Green or Complex Berry superfood; 1/4 – 1/2 serve of Pea Protein+.