Complex Green was developed for our son with Dyslexia/ADHD. It is common for the gut to be compromised so this formulas works on both the brain and gut. The brain needs nutrition that is specific—Vit B spectrum, Vit C, Vit E, Vit A, Selenium, and the gut needs to be cleaned out—the Spirulina and Chlorella as well as good bacteria replenished with powerful probiotics. In addition the gut needs support with digestive enzymes. We later introduced the Complex Berry for flavour variety. As he became a teenager, we introduced the Protein into his diet as well, in particular as he played sport, but also because it meant he could get protein in his diet that was easy to digest, and would deliver a bone formula as well. All of the formulas are gluten free, sugar free additive free and organic. Also the Green Calcium powder is good to add into smoothies as dairy is off the list for Dyslexia/ADHD as well and calcium is important for growth. The Triple Green is a bit hard for kids to take as it is a seriously dark formula, but it can be added into a smoothie without detection in order to increase the daily detoxing effect if dealing with heavy metals detected in the gut.
Take 1-2 serves of Complex Green/ Complex Berry plus 1 serve of Pea Protein+ and a child’s serve of Triple Green.