It is not uncommon for kids to eat badly so it is a good idea to supplement their diets to help their bodies grow optimally and in particular build up their immune system with a healthy gut. A healthy gut also means healthy learning and energy to get through the day. Kids will constantly get sick, which of course is ironically good for building their immune system but you want to get them to have a fighting chance and perhaps not be sick for as long or as bad as what could be going around at school. It is also good to try and help them with getting better with a natural solution that encourages good gut bacteria rather than the what depletes it. The Green Calcium is a fantastic plant source for growing bones. The flavour does not suit kids but it can be masked by the superfood or protein powders.

Take 1-2 serves of Complex Green/ Complex Berry plus 1-2 serves of Pea Protein+ (for resilience and recovery from illness); a child’s serve of Green Calcium.