All of our products are designed for fitness and body building. Just because they have a monkey on the label does not mean they are for the weak and soft amongst us, but in fact are for the tough guys too. Label design for men can deceive you, make you feel manly! (Oh, I don’t know, I’ve been told this.) The idea with planning to build your body is to go hard—by lifting above your weight–and pair this with doing what you can to repair, recover quickly, and go hard again. Our approach is not to do any of this with fluoro chemical ingredients you’ve never heard of, sold with buff body photos to suck you in. We believe you can go the vegan, easily digestible way, looking after your body with plants—yes, real men are doing this by the droves too. This way you can target the ingredients that you need that work like a group together, helping each other with absorption, not just swallowing and hoping for the best. This is planning for the long term. This is not just any old plants, but the high achiever ones, yes, I have to say, just like you. If you open your mind to this mindset, it means you would take whatever you can to increase long term health, focussing on your whole body, not go for trendy marketed products that will damage the body down the track. Our approach is to help work with your whole body–not just muscles that rob the goodness out of other areas like the gut, brain, organs, blood, and the all important skeleton. This overlooked powerhouse that we don’t want to lose or shrink as we age is the master keeper of your calcium stores and will release it to absorb that whey protein that is coming its way—sent down the hatch without anything to help it do its work and back up your hard efforts. It has to be remembered that if taking the fluoro whey powders upsets your stomach and makes you bloat, then you are not absorbing all of those amino acids that you hope for.

The idea behind taking anything to enhance your body is to exercise (damage and expand the muscle fibres, and burn fat) after which you want to repair, whilst getting through your work day which can be just as challenging. (Our brains burn so many calories alone.) It is possible to go to the gym early and feel wiped for the day or to go late after work only to have no energy to lift anything. Energy is released for use when you are processing whatever you have going in—food, drinks, emotions, life, work expectations and stress, basically the lot. It is possible that you could take whey protein from a ‘guy looking label’ and think you will look like the guy on the label. But you have to think what is in these formulas, and if they are good for you or not. Taking the right nutrition is what will build your body the way you want it. As will doing the right exercises and focussing on what it is that you are working towards. This means maximum nutrients, and protein as the building blocks to do this, whilst not forgetting that you have other parts of your body to attend to—which is often what concerns women more. Body building is not about how many chemicals you can pump into your body, but how in tune with yourself you can be to get the most and best out of it by working with it, not against it. Some of the damage that can be done from taking the wrong protein powder is not seen now, but will be there down the track when weak bones set in. Or you take calcium supplements that are the wrong form and settle in the wrong parts of your body, just not where you need it to go. The body needs the right form that will help build the bones, tendons, ligaments, nails and teeth without you worrying about it, now that you know. Lucky we have the superfood nutrients that go well together with our Pea Protein formula which can be shaken together at the gym on your way back to doing your life just as well, giving yourself the idea that your body is worth it, and you are just not falling for the ads that tell you to man up.

Take: Extra nutrients in the Complex Green or Berry (mix it up, berries are not just for girls and beauty but for free-radical damage also caused by intense exercise). Make a green or berry/protein shake for breakfast and a second serve after the gym, or anytime you don’t want to eat a big piece of meat.  For best results: you can add into your smoothie three serves: one Protein, one Complex superfood,  plus Triple Green. This last one is for added dark green focus, as Spirulina, Chlorella and Barley grass are endurance ingredients and will help clean you out. You can take 1-3 serves of this per day.

To help the muscles pop it is good to make the gut work well, so stopping every so often for a detox is a good part of your arsenal. it is up to you how often. Our Green Detox Project is subtle enough that if you feel embarrassed about doing a cleanse, no one around you will know, if you don’t tell them. you will notice a huge difference in how you digest your food, and how much the wheat in your beer and burger may be giving you a bloated belly.