When you are travelling you need for your immune system to be as strong as possible. When you are taking flights as long what we have to endure from Australia up to the rest of the world our digestion can get mucked around with. Air travel is dehydrating to your skin and your digestive tract, so we know it is important to drink water only and not drink alcohol, and of course do lots of moving around also gets your blood and juices flowing. What we do is take sachets of Complex Green, Triple Green and Chocolate and Vanilla Protein+ on the plane so that we don’t have to feel hungry, feel clogged and we have optimal energy. We take lots of them so we have them before during and after the flight and it seems to make a difference with jet lag and not getting sick on the plane either.

We also like to do a detox before we travel, not usually the day before, but a week or two before is fantastic so you don’t get clogged on the plane or when you get there (finishing say two days before travel). Sometimes we will do it on the plane as well so we can sleep more and not get bothered by the meal service and we can hold out until we get to there destination where a great meal will be waiting, but this is not for everyone. Doing a detox before a trip is great if you are going to a beach destination. Also travel is very stressful on the body so the Superfood is great for this with the adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. We like the Protein powder on the plane as meat is the most difficult thing to digest on a plane, (and the most difficult food for the airlines to get right, just saying!) Oh, and grab some of ur bars for the trip. You will be so glad you did!

Also if you are feeling like your digestion is not working when you get back or you feel sluggish or like you ate too much on the trip, get into another detox then too. It’s always there to help you re-balance.

Take: Complex Green or Complex Berry sachets; Triple Green sachets; Vanilla or Chocolate Pea Protein+ sachets: Artisan Protein Bars