Fitness, endurance & sport

There are various levels of exercise we can do from going to the gym to lift weights to going to the studio to do yoga or to compete competitively in team sport. This takes us from fitness that may take an hour to training a few hours. What to take depends on the time of day. In the morning an hour of fat burning at the gym is good on an empty stomach, and then following the session with a shake of a Complex formula with Triple Green and Pea Protein+ straight after in water or coconut milk. If you are hungry you can divide the serve into two and take part of it before the gym for energy, and either sip it slowly throughout or take it at the end. If the exercise session is going beyond an hour it is best to take Superfood 20-30 mins before, and a Pea Protein+ serve after. If going for long sprints it would be a good idea to take one superfood serve before, AND after with the protein and Triple Green. We would definitely include Multi-mineral Green Calcium with medium to intense exercise as the bones need extra calcium for repair.

Take: 1-3 serves of Complex Green or Complex Berry; Triple Green; 1-2 serves of Pea Protein+, Multi-mineral Green Calcium