Besides the gut, all illness is related to inflammation. Living as we do with our busy lives will inflame us, so we have to do things to counteract this. Inflammation can be in the gut, tissue, organs, joints, muscles. It is a sign of being out of balance, which is stress as we know it.  Short term the inflammation indicates healing. But a lot of hidden inflammation is chronic and comes from our diet and whatever is stressing us, which can be from our thoughts or physical stress. Physical damage, let’s say from exercise, can be repaired by eating well and at the right times, for e.g. taking protein powder straight after exertion. For mental stress, we are dealing with our interpretation of what’s going on in our lives. We need nutrients to help fortify our defences, that is, to build our immune system so it can work for us when we need it. When our system is chronically inflamed, our immune system will not be able to cope and it will collapse, and we do too. We rely heavily on the immune system which over time cannot keep on defending you. It needs a break, and it needs good material to build with. We can’t always take a break but we can fortify our diet, and still run around busy. We can see life with solutions not problems so that we can chip away at our stress, let our immune system work and get stronger with challenges, because we are seeing them that way. Inflammation will talk to us and tell us if we are in balance or not before it’s too late. Sometimes we are not taking in enough nutrients to build strong tissues, because when we are stressed we are in survival mode not repair-and-regenerate mode, which is what we need to help us thrive, even when busy. We can’t stop working hard, but we can offer our bodies nutrition that is supportive. Besides taking good nutrition we want to also focus on not eating sugar, reducing caffeine, alcohol, gluten, dairy, table salt, artificial junk and lots of meat, and getting rest, even if just starting with simply checking in with mental worry. Our Complex formulas, both Green and Berry, are targeting inflammation. Superfood veggies and fruits are amazing for this as they are full of antioxidants that work to look after your cells from the effects of free radical damage. The herbs in these formulas target stress. Detoxing is a great way to reduce gut inflammation giving it a rest and clearing the old build up which blocks your gut from working correctly and then the whole system going like clockwork.

Take: Complex Green or Complex Berry 1-3 times a day, Pea Protein+ 1/day up to 2 times for extra exertion and stress. Triple Green is a also recommended as a dark green chlorophyll-rich formula for extra stamina, and gut detox. It would be good to periodically do the Green Detox Project for body repair, even when busy.