Fat loss, muscle tone

We are not going to play into the fat loss industry that preys on people desperate to lose weight. Ok, that’s out of the way! Having said that, losing weight is a real problem and is not addressed by just going to the gym, as good as exercise is. The weight can come off, if that is your area of focus, and it doesn’t have to go on either, which is a maintenance aspect as well. What we put in our mouths is what is important, and creating new good habits is the overarching focus we want to pick up on. So we will address here how it is possible to follow some sort of routine to instigate weight loss and management with our products, but from a level-headed kind of sensible way. Let’s not forget here as well that everyone is different, of course, and there is no magic pill. There is only you and your intention to lose weight and to follow through on making some changes to your routine diet, with which we can guide you effectively, but without a guarantee, other than we have customers already doing it. (We do not believe in selling it to you with before and after photos, although some customers have sent these to us, and they are impressive.)

The main thing to remember is that it’s possible to lose weight when your body is in balance.

We have worked with many clients going through the Green Detox Project and helped them achieve exactly what that means to them. (A detox will clean you out, help your gut work better, your sleep improve, your stress reduce, your skin and eyes clear, your outlook on life change, and your relationship with unhealthy food, (and possibly people that drive you to that chocolate cake and alcohol), shift. It is not possible or fair for us to say that you can lose weight, however our customers tell us what they experience, and we’ve been through the test ourselves over years.

We’ve heard from clients who decide to take our products for “weight loss” which can mean different things to different people. For some it is losing kilos of weight, for others it is to reduce a bloated feeling and ease digestion, which in turn eases how food is processed. The result is a better muscle tone, simply because the fat over the muscles may reduce and the muscles below are more visible and defined. When we are in balance and our digestion is working well we change the way we eat and what we are attracted to eat as well. Our bodies change in their chemistry and the change is noticed in the sugars, carbs, alcohol, and caffeine focus that makes this stuff beg with an audible “Eat Me”, for which you have no control.

Doing the Green Detox Project is a great way to challenge yourself to kick start a new way to eat because it features a plan that you follow, so no thinking necessary, to get you into the rhythm of a personal shift.  It can help you give up the food/ emotional attachments which are easy to detect once you have taken out the common bad boys previously mentioned that are addictive, and offer the right mental hormones that make you feel all is well. There is nothing like taking charge and intending to start something new that this addictive bossiness cannot get a look into if its simply not on the menu you prepare for yourself. When you see changes in your body, as small or large as they are, you will know that you are onto a good thing and will encourage and inspire yourself to keep on going.  The Complex Green with the Triple Green and Protein+ formulas are great to take every day, and then they can be used in a concentrated form whenever you have the day preset in your diary and you are going for accelerated change. The Green Detox Project can be continuous or every weekend or once a week or month, depending on what goal you have set. As I said, if you are going to the gym at the same time, the muscle tone, will appear in time, and again you will feel good about this because you’ve done this for yourself.

Take: Complex Green, Triple Green and Protein as a breakfast smoothie, in water alone or with a frozen banana or mango. Do a Green Detox Project for 7 days to see what it is like and then figure out a routine that will challenge you enough to shift yourself. Take the knowledge you gain doing the recipes for the detox and try and keep eating like this or similar. Take some before photos for your own purposes, and set in your head a goal that you want to achieve, and do some positive action in that direction.