Feeling clogged

Feeling clogged or constipated can be difficult and uncomfortable, yet it can be relatively easy to figure out how your body best responds to foods that clear you and foods that make you feel blocked. Sometimes it is a matter of time, or a cycle where things are going great and after a while when you eat out too much and eat the wrong food, you start to feel things backing up a little. it is a good idea to figure out your cycle and what it is that affects you so you can either prevent it in the first place, or have a plan as to what to do when you need it. Besides what you eat you can get your flow going with daily movement and exercise and you can increase your water intake.

Then the next best thing we can do to rescue you with here is to encourage you to think greens, greens and more greens– that is, chlorophyll in particular. Complex Green is great for everyday, but when you pair it with Triple Green you have a true powerhouse that is hard to beat for it’s daily gentle clean out. Try also our Green Energy, or Turmeric, Coconut & Vanilla Protein bars as they have dates in them which are good for giving you a bit of a hurry up too. Then when things are really getting blocked you may want to set aside a time for a stop and detox, with the Green Detox Project. The length of time is totally your call as one day can do wonders, intermittently, or you can go for 7 days (+) for more effective de-clogging.

Take: Complex Green- up to 4 times per day, Triple Green- up to 3 times per day. Green Detox Project can be incorporated in your weekly, monthly or seasonal routine to keep the works flowing nicely.