Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

Osteoporosis (and its pre-condition osteopenia) is a difficult condition to get ahead of as we tend to ignore our bones as they are so well hidden. Nutrition of course plays a huge role in how well our bones fare over time. Now that we have so many food groups out of action we do need to be careful of what impact they have on our bones. It is hard to turn back the clock so it is better to supplement if we are not eating enough calcium. The calcium story is long and we discuss it in detail on the calcium page, however we are taking it so that we don’t suffer from bone density loss, and so that if we are taking more protein to improve our muscles, that we are taking calcium too as calcium is needed in the assimilation of protein. But not all forms of calcium are good for you. Some forms are full of binders, and can go to areas of your body that will not do well with calcium build-up. That is why we developed the plant-based calcium with all of the co-factors that the calcium needs to be absorbed correctly by the body which is as important. The Calcium powder is a stand alone product and in addition we have calcium in our Pea Protein+ powder as well.

Take: 1-3 serves of Multi-mineral Green Calcium spread throughout the day; take Pea Protein+ after exercise