Green Superfood Powder – Great Tasting Highly Nutritious Energy Powerhouse

Our Complex Green Superfood Powder is an easy all in one broad spectrum formula and a premium wholefood source of protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics, fatty acids & amino acids, herbs, mushrooms, antioxidants, fibre, in a base of raw, organic, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits.

The nutrition in our superfoods formulas is dense, calorie efficient, easy and; our superfood powders are the best source of vitamins and minerals available from a whole food source and ideal if you are looking for power superfoods for weight loss or are in a plant based diet.

If you are feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, like you’re carrying unwanted weight, if you have a health condition that now needs your attention, if you are compulsively addicted to junk foods, or even if you just want to maintain your health and vitality, Passion Projects superfood powders are ready to help!

Superior Absorption

It’s not what you eat; it’s what you absorb!

The aim of our superfood formulas was to deliver nutrition directly to the cells, allowing your body to quickly & efficiently use the nutrients, vitamins & minerals for a better foundation for optimum health.

Our Complex formulas are more than a superfood supplement, they are a product developed through extensive research into the optimal doses of essential nutrients and the all important digestive enzymes to aid digestion.

All the ingredients in our Complex Superfood Green Powders work with each other in synergy not only for nutritional purposes but also, just as importantly, for absorption as it’s not just what you eat but what your body absorbs.

Fit stomach depicting great absorption with superfoods
Delicious Taste Superfood Smoothy

With Passion & Love.. Delicious Taste.

We developed our formulas for our young son who suffered with severe dyslexia and a hypersensitivity to additives in just about everything.

At the tender age of 4, it was essential that what we made for him didn’t taste like grass clipping or we would fail and so, with passion and love, we spent years making more than a healthy blend of science-backed whole food nutrition.

Our Complex Green is naturally sweet, smooth and delicious, and our thousands of loyal customers agree…

And, with great pride we can confirm that this targeted nutrition helped our son’s learning, his emotional imbalances, stress, energy and his ability to get through his day.   He is now an incredible and super healthy young man!! 


As a natural, whole food supplement designed to boost your daily nutritional needs, our superfoods will give you the micronutrients your body requires to get you through the day, with improved alkalinity, digestive health, and immune system support which are essential factors when considering superfoods for weight loss or if you are thinking of a plant based diet.

Our formula ingredients have been designed to work in synergy and to train your body to absorb and synthesize these nutrients.



Complex Green and Complex Berry are all-inclusive blends that make it really easy for anyone to get started.

These Green Superfood Powder & Berry Superfood Powder differ in focus and flavour, but are similarly broad spectrum, packed with protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fibre, fatty and amino acids, and vitamins and minerals – in a base of raw, organic, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits.


In making Complex Green, we aimed to make one Superfood formula that did it all, that is to say, deliver a full spectrum of Greens (chlorophyll) and Berries (antioxidants), as well as Protein, Herbs, Mushrooms, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Fibre, Fatty and Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals.

Although it is broad spectrum, the focus here is on the green superfood working in synergy with everything else. Greens are alkalising and therefore detoxifying; helping to clean your system, working to improve your digestion, hand in hand with the digestive enzymes and probiotics (both of which help heal the gut and improve gut flora). Improved digestion, means better nutrient absorption and cellular energy. The result may be prevention of weight gain, reduced bloating, more energy and stamina, reduced stress, better cellular function (including blood and organ function), better brain focus and better ability to cope with possible disease long term.

The powder to liquid form allows the nutrients to disperse to all of the cells of your body quickly and efficiently.


Like the Complex Green Powder, this organic superfood formula is broad spectrum but differs as its focus is on berries not greens (but the great thing is that we have still snuck in two of the big organic SEA greens – spirulina and chlorella).

Berries are well known for their cellular longevity benefits, helping us age well. The more we can get, the better it is for us, regardless of your age. These are the most important fruits because of their high ORAC values (antioxidant value) so if you can take Complex Berry every day, you know that you are getting your antioxidants. We have to concentrate on good antioxidants somewhere in the diet, and this formula covers this without the calories.

The superfood berry variety that we throw in makes this unique, as it is rare to sit down to a feast that would match this. This formula targets antioxidants for beauty (hair, skin, nails), cellular rejuvenation, neutralizing damaging free radicals, and with the rest of the base ingredients including the spirulina and chlorella, you are also targeting stress, energy, endurance, digestion and optimal body function long term.


Is a great tasting focused blend of three Green Superfoods; Spirulina, Chlorella and Barley Grass. These are three of the most popular greens because they are the most nutrient dense and high in chlorophyll, which gives them really intense detoxifying and alkalising effects.

Unlike the Complex Green formula, Triple Green is specifically focused on chlorophyll, making it perfect for people wanting to increase their intake. It is also great for the athletes who want to increase their endurance. Triple Green can be taken alone or as a booster to the complex formulas.


Açai is a nutrient-dense berry superfood with one ingredient found in the Amazon Rainforest – its high levels of antioxidants and fatty acids (omega -3, -6, -9), make it amazing for supporting cellular rejuvenation therefore helping with aging, beautiful skin, hair and nails, boosting the immune system, metabolic function and removing free radicals. Açai Berry can be taken alone or as a booster to the complex formulas.


Superfoods are known as nature’s medicine due to their nutrient-density, and whilst there is no official group or definition for the term ‘superfoods’, it has become a term used to define natural foods that contain a high concentration of nutrients, or more clearly, a high concentration of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats and water, all of which are essential for cell growth, functioning of the organs, energy and vitality.

They could also be labelled nutrient powerhouses that contain large doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and polyphenols.

Our formulas take advantage of the many benefits of the individual power Superfoods, which together feed every cell in your body, working to boost daily energy, endurance and vitality, as well as long-term health, beauty and wellbeing.


RAW Certified Organic and Freeze-Dried Land and Sea Vegetables 

High in chlorophyll – Alkalising and detoxifying from alkaline superfoods to prevent cravings for junk food, weight gain, and long term propensity for disease; radiation protection, 


High in Vitamin C and antioxidants – reducing free radical damage, immune and heart health, beautiful skin, 


Champion antibiotics and performance enhancers, 

Adaptogenic Herbs 

For liver support and stress; healthy immune and heart health; anti-inflammatory and fat blast.

Adaptogens are a distinctive group of herbal ingredients that help improve the health of your adrenal system in charge of managing the hormonal response to stress and fatigue.

And are so called because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to the body’s specific needs.

We’ve added an extensive range of herbs including amongst others, Ashwaganda, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu-Kola, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root and Liquorice all known for their adaptogenic qualities

Digestive Enzymes For Optimum Absorption

Digestion, gut health and beautiful skin,

Digestive enzymes are made by the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, and the small intestine to aid digestion and facilitate the absorption of nutrients through the walls of the small intestine into the blood stream

However, dietary distractions and stress from a busy lifestyle can hinder this process, and thereby causing malabsorption and health issues.

We added a full spectrum of naturally occurring enzymes like Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Papain and Bromelain to aid digestion, to encourage the process to get your health back on track.

Probiotics and Prebiotics For optimum Gut Health

100 Billion CFU’s

For the best and highest impact on overall gut-health, we use non-dairy sources of Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei & B.Longum, freeze-dried temperature stable. And in terms of encouraging these little guys to multiply, our prebiotics, inulin and organic apple powder, have an exponential effect.

Optimum gut flora means improved overall gut health, resulting in a stronger immune system.

Vitamins and Minerals 

For Nervous System and Immune System Support

Vitamins and Minerals are substances which are essential to the normal functioning of the human body and therefore, necessary for life.

They are essential to our vitality, general well-being and needless to say, our growth.

For our system to be in a state of well-being, we all need a balanced diet which is rich in all the essential vitamins and nutrients. The problem is, how do we know what this balanced diet really is? How do we achieve it? And how can we be sure, even if we know how to achieve it, that the foods that we are eating will be rich of all those vitamins and nutrients that we so require.

There is no secret to the fact told by our parents that we should eat a balance diet including a rich variety of greens. However, it is also a well-known fact that soils have been badly nutrient depleted as a consequence of decades of fertilization. This coupled with the fact that lots of foods are irradiated or genetically modified, means that we are not necessarily getting the nutrition which is inherent in the foods natural state, i.e. we are probably not getting what we think we are getting.

We’ve tapped into the power of freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, plants, herbs coupled with 21 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to work together in synergy.

The perfect balance of natural superfoods, vitamins and minerals is a fundamental building block of a strong immune system and crucial for a well-functioning nervous system.

Pea Protein

20 amino acids for strength and repair; 

Essential Fatty Acids

Anti-inflammatory; great for skin, brain, eye and nerve health;


Lowers cholesterol and yeast.


Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.


For detoxing & gut health